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  • How to Assess your Business
  • How to Build and Promote a Website
  • How to Conduct a Market Research
  • How to Form a Business Partnership
  • How to Incorporate a Company
  • How to Lease a Property
  • How to Lease Equipment
  • How to Manage Your Staff
  • How to Prepare a Board Meeting
  • How to Protect Intellectual Property
  • How to Raise Financing
  • How to Sell a Property
  • How to Sell Equipment
  • How to Collect Accounts Receivable
  • How to Terminate an Employee

Top 100 Business & Legal Document Templates
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"Not only is it very comprehensive and of a high quality in terms of content, it also represents fantastic value for businesses of any size. I'm not sure how I'd do without it – it’s worth its weight in gold and paid back for itself many times."

Robert Whalley - Managing Director,
Mall Farm Proprietary Limited

“I've found Business-in-a-Box to be an excellent product, well worth the minimal investment. It is organized well, comprehensive, and the documents well drafted. There are few products in my 24 years of practicing law about which I have made such comments.”

Neal A. Eisenbraun - Lawyer Chartered Law Firm (New Brighton, Minnesota)

“It has been a life saver so many times I have lost count. Business-in-a-Box has saved me so much time and as you know, time is money. I tell everyone I know to get Business-in-a-Box.”

David G. Moore Jr. Owner - UpstateWeb

(Spartanburg, South Carolina)

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