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From strategic management to frontline activities such as sales, billing, staff management, shipping and customer service, this extensive collection of document templates covers all areas of modern business management.

Efficiently complete a wide range of time-consuming tasks such as:

Business Planning & Management

  • Prepare your board of directors & shareholders' meetings
  • Write a powerful business plan
  • Assess your industry's and competition's strengths & weaknesses
  • Conduct a management audit to improve your procedures

Consultants & Independent Contractors

  • Enter into binding agreements with independent contractors
  • Hire a consultant
  • Write a business proposal

Credit & Collection

  • Receive dues which are slow to arrive or overdue
  • Increase your credit facility
  • Issue credit to your customers

Finance & Accounting

  • Raise capital
  • Apply for grants
  • Improve accounting methods
  • Sell or buy shares
  • Improve your relationship with your banker

Human Resources

  • Write a complete employee manual effortlessly
  • Hire/fire employees
  • Hire a contractor/consultant
  • Write detailed company policies and procedures
  • Prepare professional job descriptions
  • Conduct personnel evaluations
  • Manage your workforce
  • Sign confidentiality agreements with employees/candidates

Internet & Technology

  • Learn how to develop an effective website
  • Improve your marketing tactics & online presence
  • Develop custom software programs or resell other vendors' products
  • Expand your market reach with co-branding and affiliate marketing
  • Set up your website's policies (privacy, terms of use, etc.)


  • Protect your Intellectual Properties and Copyrights
  • Protect your company with confidentiality agreements
  • Setup your business with a Shareholders Agreement & Articles
  • Better negotiate your office lease
  • Sublease extra space

Operations & Logistics

  • Speed-up and simplify shipping and ordering
  • Facilitate equipment maintenance
  • Sell or rent vehicles and equipment

Real Estate

  • Easily handle sale and rental of commercial properties
  • Professionally manage real estate
  • Quickly issue notices, leases, mortgages and evictions

Sales & Marketing

  • Increase your sales with better communication
  • Improve customer response time
  • Plan a marketing campaign
  • Write a press release
  • Sign distribution/partnership deals to expand your reach